Nexus, an important connection between the parts of a system or a group of things, when light meets water and sky. Nexus means connection, the connection that exists between existing inhabitants and newcomers. Nexus is – literally and metaphorically – a huge, complex structure consisting of different compartments that create a unity together. In Viktor Vicsek’s artwork, 200 light pipes create a smooth movement that moves upwards into the sky.

This image is part of the collaboration project “Gothenburg, City of Light” between Mitra and Mehdi in Gothenburg. Feel free to take a look at more photos in this project here! Hope you enjoy!

Taken December 2020, Gothenburg

Art: Nexus, Creator: Viktor Vicsek/photo by: Mehdipixel Gothenburg Sweden
Art: Nexus, Creator: Viktor Vicsek/photo by: Mehdipixel
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