Be Humble, But Know Your Rights and Hold Your Ground


This gentleman, Per @Perhanstorp is a great photographer and my street photography teacher. He taught me many things but the most important one was the attitude of a street photographer and his/her rights. For example, you can take a picture of anyone in public areas without their permission for the purpose of art and exhibition (no commercial use), unless there are signs saying that it is forbidden to take photos. Of course, this should be done with some common sense.

Here in Gothenburg Central station, one of the students took a picture of one of the securities. She didn’t like it so asked the student to remove the picture and this is when Per came into picture and calmly explained the law and rules; that the station is a public place without any sign saying that taking photo is forbidden. He was immediately was surrounded by the guards asking him to remove the picture. He was humble but held his ground and in response to their insistence he asked to call their boss, and so did he. At first the boss didn’t accept but at the end he had no choice but to comply with the law. At the end Per was victorious!

I saw this situation and had to take a picture, and knew that if they see me with camera approaching it either can provoke them or make the scene a bit different so I sneaked in and when I was 2, 3 meter away from them I took the shot without looking at the camera, then I continued my way!

So for those photographers who want to take it to next level: Don’t be afraid and do it! We own the streets! 😀

– Gothenburg, Sweden
– March 2020

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